What is 30 for 30

Sometimes life gets a little crazy and I believe, at least for me, it is because of the “stuff” that I have brought into my life.  So I thought, why not try and go for it these next 30 days and see if I can eliminate at least a little self-afflicted stress by only wearing a few of the clothes that I have. So what I decided to do was selected 30 items to wear for 30 days and see if anyone notices or asks questions…haha–of course, I will wash them and
wear them again. I also think I might actually save money doing this—just a theory, we
will see.

So let’s start with challenges:

  1. It is the middle of one of the hottest Summer’s since we have moved Saint Louis (i.e. today>>79% humidity//97 degrees//heat index was 107)
  2. I have a family vacation planned for the end of the month, and I need a few items such as a swimsuit
  3. I work at a church, and we never really get to plan out when things such as funerals and hospital visits take place so I will have to have a few certain “nice” items for those perchance they are needed
  4. I currently have 240 items including 12 belts, 36 ties, socks, teeshirts, shorts, pants, and 22 pairs of shoes. That means 210 items will be taken off the list for the next 30 days. ( I am going to try this, but not sure if I can make hat drastic of a change overnight)

    .  .  .

Now let’s see what got selected:

  1. 5 pairs of underwear (obviously, I will do laundry once a week)
  2. 4 pairs of socks (2 black ankle athletic & 2 crew dress socks)
  3. 5 v-neck tees (white/green/navy/charcoal grey/black)
  4. 4 pairs of shorts (grey/navy/light grey/athletic)
  5. 3 pairs of pants (dark denim/light denim/black)
  6. 4 button up shirts (2 short sleeve/2 long sleeve)
  7. 3 pairs of shoes (slip-on loafers/casual/athletic)
  8. 1 belt
  9. 1 swimsuit

Here is my 30 day plan, I will keep you updated:

  • mix and match items, and it is okay to wear items consecutive days
  • it is also okay to do laundry (this isn’t meant to offend those around you–no one wants to be the “stinky kid”)
  • I will post at least once a week and include pictures of each day (I want to you to see that I am actually doing this, and not just talking about it
  • I want to challenge 5 of you to try this on your own and tell me about it.
  • I will promise to give you a “de-briefing” blog post after 30 days

5 thoughts on “What is 30 for 30

Add yours

  1. Ok, I’m taking you up on the challenge.

    5 pairs of socks (1 dress/5 athletic)
    5 pairs of underwear
    3 pairs of pants (2 regular/1 yard work)
    3 pairs of shorts (1 regular/1 athletic/1 swim trunks)
    3 pairs of shoes (1 everyday shoes/1 sandals/1 yard work)
    1 belt
    9 shirts (1 button up/2 polos/6 t-shirts)

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  2. I think this will definitely make packing easier, but be sure to pack you detergent! Interested to see how this goes, but definitely think it can be done!


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