Phil Wickham: Song In My Soul (feat. Hollyn)-single released (Album Aug.3)

Phil Wickham [writer of songs like: Your Love Awakens, This Is Amazing Grace, and At Your Name-Yahweh, Yahweh] released a new single, “Song In My Soul” last week. And while he is no stranger to great songs of praise and adoration, it is hard to believe that it has been a decade since he leaped onto the scene with “Canons.”  Yet, this new single keeps up with Wickham fashion as he surprises us once again with a soulful, hooky song that goes deep into your ear resonating beautiful lyrics and remains stuck in the system with the simplest of singable melodies.

Joining with the already soulful voice of Hollyn, this single seems to mark something great for the new album, LIVING HOPEwhich is now available for pre-order and will be officially released on August 8th, 2018. The two voices in harmony seem to create a great “symphony” of praise in which one listener may have caught them-self singing along; frantically avoiding accidents in rush-hour traffic; heading south on I-270; outside of Saint Louis (it is admittedly difficult to drive with your hands raised in praise).


It seems as though Wickham traveled back in time to be at the same well where the lady of Samaria met Jesus. And it seems like Phil was sitting there, taking notes and scribbling  lyrics as they came to life while he watched this whole scene unfold before his eyes: A Samarian woman…spoke to a Jewish man (Jesus)…superficially she talked about drawing water from the ancient well of her fathers…and then suddenly, Phil sees the exclamation on her face and the joy surrounding her new found hope as Jesus says,

The water that I will give will become a spring of water welling up to eternal life.

And the lady exclaims, “Give me this water!!!


All of Your goodness
Is like a well running over
And all my soul, it sings for You
For all of Your goodness
I will love You forever
All my songs, I’ll sing for You
Yes all my songs I’ll sing for You

So I join the likes of others who have reviewed this single, or may soon review this single and say Phil and Hollyn, you passed the class, go to the front of the line,  A++. We can’t wait for the total album–and the day when congregations join with you in every single breath [they] breathe
Singin’ out “holy, holy!”

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