Days 1-5: 30 for 30 Challenge

So as I promised, I will be updating along the journey.  So far, no one has said anything to me about it, probably because I have yet to recycle through the clothing items yet. However, I did have one person join me in the journey.  I may see if he wants to write in and update us and give his insight into this adventure as well.

These are days 1-5, and it has been challenging, yet a lot of fun and freedom…there really isn’t a lot of time spent making decisions…just grab some clothes and get dressed (that is freeing on lots of levels).  One challenge: I need to do laundry tonight–haha (fortunately, I am positive that it will all fit in the same load, which I didn’t even consider in terms of savings until right now [ie. water, detergent, energy, time].

Without further ado:

DAY 1: Light Jeans, Slip-on loafers, white V-neck, printed button up shirt untucked, and leather belt.day1

DAY 2: Black Jeans, athletic socks, VANS casual lace-ups, short sleeve button-up untucked, and no belt.day2

DAY 3: Going to be PATRIOTIRed flat front shorts, Slip-on loafers, navy V-neck untucked,and leather 3

^ I was particular glad that I could actually participate and celebrate Independence Day wearing this. However, I did pull out a hat so my face wouldn’t melt off since the het index was well of 100 ºF (you can read my thoughts about that here).

DAY 4: Light Jeans, Slip-on loafers, Dark grey V-neck, short sleeve button-up untucked, and leather belt.day4

DAY 5: Light grey printed shorts, Dark grey V-neck, athletic socks, tennis shoes, and leather belt.Day 5

So there it is for 5 days. Good variety, easy to pick out clothes and get dressed. Saving time money, energy, resources. I will update again soon with more pics and thoughts.

If you joined the 30 for 30 journey, how is your progress going?

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