The 30 for 30 challenge has been up and running for nearly a week [well technically a working man’s week], and I did have one general question: should accessories be included in the 30 items? Should watches or hats or sunglasses be included in the 30 items?

I say it doesn’t matter, so “NO.”

Now before some of you naysayers get all worked-up, throw your mobile device, and say, “I am done with blogger garbage-this guy is making up rules as he goes, and quiet frankly, he is a loser.” I want to draw you attention back to the original post for this challenge, and you will see the idea was never to be dogmatic or legalistic by any stretch of the imagination–the idea was “[to] go for it these next 30 days and see if I can eliminate at least a little self-afflicted stress by only wearing a few of the clothes that I have.”

With that said, I did decide to wear a hat on July 4th as I joined some friends to watch an airshow, the Saint Louis Symphony, and a gorgeous display of fireworks with the Gateway Arch and the mighty Mississippi river as the back drop.  The reason I wore this hat (besides it being an amazing STL Cardinals hat): there was no cloud in sight and at 4:30PM the heat index was 102ºF (the sun was literally melting the flesh off of my face, and causing my body to leak fluid from every pore available). I also wore sunglasses so that my eyes would not burn and detach from their optic nerves.

Hat & Sunglasses are Okay

So my final thoughts and amendments are these:

  • Add in some accessories like a hat (unless you own 35 hats, then consider trimming back to 1 or 2 great hats, like a STL Cardinals flat-bill)
  • Wear a watch, or sunglasses (unless you are a collector of those items-then clean out, and donate them to a charity of choice)
  • Jewlery–it is okay to wear it (unless…well, you get the point)

HAVE FUN! KEEP THE CHALLENGE GOING and may this definitely serve to remind us that we really don’t need all of this “stuff.”



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