CAVE RESCUE : Our Rescue

I must admit that over the last week, I have been consumed by the rescue and recovery of the 12 soccer players and their coach, all of whom were stuck in a cave in Thailand for 2 weeks. There were moments of intrigue, desperation, and courage all wrapped up together as I continued to read and watch about these boys from the Wild Boars soccer team.

Screen Grab from Chiang Rai Public Relations Office

However, what my mind began to do is drift to our spiritual journey in light of what these kids went through for the last 14 or so days.  So I imagined that we were all like those boys, following something that is leading us, and sometimes trusting in the one we are following—however, when we get stuck in a dark place, we realized that we were blindly following into danger.  And at times it all seems hopeless as the tides of life are rising around us—there seems to be no way out.

MAP of Cave
Photo Source: Rajabhat Mahasarakham University, French Federation of Speleology

What we sometimes don’t realize—there is one who has made a way to rescue us, and when He (Jesus) appears in the cave of our life, we begin to see more clearly—he begins to light the way.  He tells us that to follow, it will take faith, it will not be an easy journey, and yes there will be ups and down.  But, if can hold onto Him, and take the plunge into the water, he will lead us to safe land where He will care for us, love us, and provide for our every need.

So, over the next few days as you continue to hear about these boys remember these three things:

  • God loves you no matter what cave you are in
  • God has a way out for you
  • God wants you to trust Him, follow Him, and take the plunge with Him

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