Days 6-14: 30 for 30 Challenge

So I know…I know…I said I would try to post once a week about the journey. Last time I posted it was days 1-5 and here it is way past and into now the third week…but technically 5+7=12, and I am going to include day 12 in this post so…can I get a pass?

Probably not.

Days 6-14, well they were interesting to say the least:

•one thing I realized, I can’t create many more “options” in piecing this articles together

•this led to thinking, “Will people notice?”

•that led to, “Hmmm…I guess no one noticed

•which ended in, “This is pretty cool! I don’t have to worry to much moving forward.”

.  PLEASE NOTICE: I wore a lot of black in these pics because I was daily working the sound/tech aspect of our church’s VBS/Sports&Arts Camp. (It wasn’t because I wore the same shirt all week.

Without further ado:

DAY 6: SUPER CASUAL WEEKEND wearing gym shorts, white tee shirt, black sock, and athletic shoes.Day_6

DAY 7: LOOKING GOOD (at least, according to my wife). Grey V-neck, Short sleeve button-up, Dark jeans, leather slip-ons.Day_7

DAY 8: LET THE BLACK BEGIN. Black V-neck, light grey shorts, and athletic shoesDay_8

DAY 9: Light Jeans, Black V-neck, and some VANS.


These are actually chill shoes that are very comfortable. I am not sure why I haven’t worn them more through out these 30 days.  I may have to work toward that in days 15-20.

DAY 10: REPEAT DAY-Black V-neck, light grey shorts, and athletic shoesDay 10

What is even better—-not one single person noticed that I had worn the same exact thing 2 days ago-BIG WIN!!  (Of course, I did wash it before wearing it again)

DAY 11: Black V-neck, red shorts, athletic shoes, and the now famous hat.Day_11

DAY 12: Dark grey V-neck, light jeans, leather belt, and slip-on shoes.Day_12

DAY 13: NO MORE TECH CREW ATTIRE-Dark jeans, white V-neck, short sleeve button-up, leather belt, slip-on shoesDay_13

DAY 14: Black Jeans, teal V-neck, and my VANS (favorite shoes of the 30 for 30 journey).

So there it is for days 6-14. It was fun to finally see that most people outside of the fashion industry (even some of your closest friends) will never even notice what you are wearing from day to day–so ENJOY IT!! I will update again soon with more pics and thoughts.

If you joined the 30 for 30 journey, how is your progress going?

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