So I met a great guy a while back online through one of those Facebook group forums; his name is Nic Payne and he’s a worship leader at Grace Church in Roseville, MN.  He’s a super chill guy, but definitely passionate about leading worship, teaching others about worship, and using music ministry to make disciples (living out Matthew 28:16-20).

He also works for Tailored Coach, and would love to put you in a small group to coach on ideas such as worship leading, culture building, and Gospel identity.  Here’s a link to TAILORED COACH . (I received no contributions from Nic for that one, not even a stinking cup of specialty roast coffee, which by the way is my favorite.  In fact I am enjoying a cup of Ethiopian Sidamo from my favorite specialty roaster, FosterHobbs right now, and I don’t even think they have that listed on their website yet—only because they like me. Actually, they are in the UK right now doing some really cool stuff for worship….I should right about them sometime.)  However, I digress and come back around to the title of this article.

The reason I tell you about Nic is that he came up with an idea, assigned it a hashtag, and I have watched it explode into something powerful: #RehearsalRevivalProject. It’s all over social media, and you can search that hashtag and read more about when and how, to do this, but according to Nic, you have to “POST A PIC OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN.”  I think that is because Nic is a marketing genius—no kidding, he really is—he’s got it going on.

So the rest is an effort to steal a little piece of Nic’s “thunder,” and actually borrow from his playbook. I am not going to give every detail of the #RehearsalRevivalProject, you can research that on your own.  But, I do want to give a brief overview b/c I think it is that important in the life of any church, no matter the size. Statistics tell us that most evangelical churches have under 200 members.  What that means is that your church is probably not as large as Nic’s and it is probably not as large as mine—in fact, it might be in the middle of a revitalization movement at your church– and the congregation is coming out of the valley and is seeing the daylight over the hill for the first time in a very long time—#RehearsalRevivalProject is for youHere is why–it is at its core about two things:

1. changing culture by building relationships

2. making disciples by doing life together

And now you know why any church can do this and should do this in their music ministry//worship ministry//creative arts ministry (or whatever trendy name your uber-cool hipster church has designed.)

I am going to close by just giving 2 little nuggets to you concerning the concepts of revitalizing worship in your church (especially if you are at a church that just planted, experienced decline for more than 3 years, or is being revitalized from the inside out):


  1. Start fellowshipping together weekly as a worship ministry (food is necessary-dinner/Sunday breakfast/desserts after rehearsal) and do as the new testament church did (break bread, dine, laugh, cry, and enjoy each other)—you will be surprised at what a difference this will make in your life and the lives of those serving beside you, because you are building relationships, and thereby changing culture.
  2. Pray together (Nic would say to “set aside the last 15 minutes of rehearsal and sit in a circle and pray for each other…praying for the person on your left).  This is pray prayimportant…SO VERY IMPORTANTAt first, it will be awkward because for many it might be new.  But, over time you will see walls torn down, and people will start to be real and share and pray for things beyond health and sickness—they pray for lost family members, addictions, broken relationships, temptations, struggles in their lives as well as the many blessings in their lives (birth of a child, engagement of a daughter, sharing the Gospel with a neighbor, etc).

So, what are you doing in your church to
revitalize your ministry?
Would you care to share any of your ideas? 
Or better yet, as Nic says:
“Post a pic or it didn’t happen.”

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