Highlands Worship: NEW EP (You’re Here)

Highlands Worship (Church of the Highlands) has been on a roll here in 2018, releasing their 3rd EP.  Following on the hills of Vol.1-Wonderful Things (March 9) and Vol.2-Jesus You Alone (June 8), they recently released their newest EP- You’re Here.

This EP is a change of pace for Highlands Worship, and provides new twists and turns in their style and sound (much in the same vane as Young & Free and NorthPoint’s InsideOut) as they branch out with a much more dance/hip-hop flavored worship music.  The sound is fresh, but the lyrics, the message and heart of what they are saying stayed the same–it is STILL ABOUT JESUS. As the title track (which actually happens to be the last track) says,

There’s power, power
Power in the name of Jesus
And I call on, call on
Call on the name of Jesus

The tracks:


This track is a remake (REMIX) of the 2016 hit by the same name that Highlands released on their Here I Surrender album.  Featuring the smooth yet soulful vocal CJ Blount this opening track speaks clearly of the Gospel:

My life transformed
In Your holy presence
Given to Your call alone
My shame is buried
I live in freedom
My God has won

The only thing missing (or needs to be subtracted) is the lack of vocal processing.  If you have ever heard CJ sing, then you know there is clarity in those God-given pipes of his, and although many up and coming hip-hop artists need lots of help and they mask it with over-processed sounds, this guy doesn’t need that.  If you don’t believe me, check out this video:


#2-Strength to Dance

This track is also a REMIX, this time of a 2017 release by Motion Worship, the student ministry band at church of the Highlands, on their self-titled EP, Motion Worship. (The only thing missing is the rap from the student ministry version). This song is so fun, that even while listening and typing right now .  .  .  I had to get up out of my seat and dance a little–and why not?

You give me strength to dance, I can lift my hands
On and on, all my days, sing Your praises

#3-Lift The Name

The penultimate track is a great REMIX of the 2012 release by the same title.  It was first featured on their Place of Freedom album. This song speaks to the daily testimony of the believer as we walk on this journey of sanctification–daily laying down our self, and following Jesus.

I will lift the name of Jesus high
I will live my life for Him
And there is none who’s loved me greater

#4-You’re Here

The title track of this EP is a brand new release by Highlands Worship, and it is the consummate anthem of the believer and reminds us that our earthly journey is not a lonely journey. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.(Matthew 28:20b)

And I know, know I’m not alone
You’re here
I call Your name
And Your love, it fills this place

Youre HereMay this EP bless you, draw you into a deeper relationship with Christ, allow you to love with unashamed joy, and set your body to dancing.  Get up, go out, and buy it today (or you can stay at your computer and order online-choice is yours).

Learn more about Highlands Worship by clicking HERE.

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