Questions of Worship

The Big Question

It is nearly every Sunday that I get asked a question. It is usually the same question, although the phrasing may be different depending on the person asking the question. I have been asked this question by older people. I have been asked this question by teenagers.  Church members and guests have both asked me this question. Sometimes this question is immediately after the service, sometimes I am asked this question during the week–a few times I have been asked immediately when the worship leadership team steps off the platform.  And, if I am honest, I have even asked the question myself. The question: “How was the worship today?” (In other words, “Was it good or bad worship in our gathering today?”)

The Real Question

This one question has been asked incorrectly. It is not the appropriate reflecting point when discussing a weekly worship gathering of believers. There are better questions to ask about our corporate worship gatherings (the size of the gathering doesn’t matter). These questions are equally important for mega-churches, church plants, and any size church in between the two sizes.


Here are the correct questions to ask:

-How did we respond to the presence of God this morning?

-How did we respond to the truth of the Gospel this morning?

-How did we respond to the revelation of God to us as His children this morning?

Worship is not about the style of music.  Worship is not about the volume of the music. Worship is not about the instruments used to lead worship.  Worship is not about the presence or absence of a choir.  Worship is not about the lighting.  Worship is not about using haze or lack of haze used for setting an “environment.”

Worship is how we appropriately respond to God, through spirit and truth. Noted author and pastor, Louie Giglio, states it well:

Worship is our response, both personal and corporate,
to God for who He is,
and what He has done.


Our Actions Moving Forward

Let us make an effort to move forward in our worship gatherings asking the right questions before, during, and after we meet.  Let us value the lyrics we are singing because they are expressing the delight of our hearts in response to the grace, love and mercy of God. Let us remember that this wonderful God saved us from our wretched ways and gives us new life so that we may praise Him! Let us ask the questions that challenge our hearts and Christian walk–not, the questions of our personal desires.  Let us gather to worship for the sole purpose of expressing our response to God because of His loving transformation in our own lives.  God alone is worthy–worship is and always will be about Him.

What steps do you take to prepare for worship? What questions do you ask about worship?

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