5 Prayers For Your Worship Pastor/Leader

There are many times when congregations are asked to pray for their pastor, and from my observation, this seems to be a time where people will pray for their senior pastor or lead pastor, or whatever your church is calling it these days.  This is great, it is encouraging and IT IS NEEDED.  However, I want to challenge you as a believer to pray for specifically for your Worship Pastor! (You could and should do this for every pastor that is leading in your local church: Children’s Pastor, Student Pastor, Missions Pastor, et cetera.)

Yet, having been in ministry for over a decade, and specifically in the areas of worship ministry, I encourage you to pray over your church leader(s) in these specific ways.  These are real struggles, they are true to most worship leaders I have spoken to, and there is for certain–power in the prayers fo God’s people.


It is easy for many worship leaders to lead from their talents. They are very gifted in what they do musically (I am not one of those-haha) and many times giftedness leads to a sense of security that they can do what they do because of what they know.  Pray that your worship pastor will be led by the Spirit in every aspect of a weekend worship gathering: the planning, the preparation, the rehearsals, the leading, and the ministering through music.

Heavenly Father, I pray that you will allow your Spirit to move in _______________’s life as they prepare, plan, and lead worship this week.  Teach them to walk in Your guidance and not of their own talents.  Allow them to follow the lead of Your Spirit in their life. Bless them with an awareness as it relates to the ministry of worship this week. Amen.


Many times in the life of a worship pastor, I would dare say more than any other position of leadership in the church, there is “critique.”  Sometimes this is in the form of a note slipped under the office door, sometimes it is an “anonymous” note left in the offering plates, and occasionally it takes place face to face.  These critiques can often seem small to the congregant, but for the leader, they are things that keep them up at night.  They are things that sometimes grow to larger than life yells and screams inside their heads.  Pray that the voice of God will be louder than the voices of men or women.  Pray that they will balance the time they spend in God’s Word versus the time they spend in preparing music.

Most Gracious God, I pray and lift up _______________to you this week.  I pray that any criticism they have recently heard will fade beyond a whisper.  I ask that Your truth will fill their life and that they can learn to listen to Your criticism above man’s.  I also pray, Father, that you will align their schedule this week so that they can spend much time in Your Word, and that those times will grow them closer
to You. Amen.


familyOne of the most difficult things in life for the working man or woman is the balance between employment requirements and family obligations.  This is true for teachers, coaches, lawyers, doctors, and factory workers–it is no different for pastors. Pray this week that your local worship leader will strike a healthy balance between work and family.  Pray too that if they are spending too much time on work and neglecting their family that God will convict them.  Finally, pray for your church as a whole to allow pastors freedom and encouragement to spend ample time with their families.  If your church doesn’t have a procedure for this, may you be the voice of discernment in your local congregation.

Almighty Lord, I pray that you encourage _______________to structure their time in a manner that allows them to balance family and work.  Convict them of the times they have neglected their families for the sake of their ministry. Also convict them of the times that they have neglected the people they are shepherding in their ministry. Teach them with Your wisdom to discern when they need to focus more on discipleship at home. Amen


I have spoken to many worship leaders (as well as myself) where they feel like many Sundays they are simply not good enough. There are even times of oppression and depression that occur with many of them. This is a lie, and is revoked by Hebrews 10:14! The problem is that many times we forget that our true identity lies in Christ. As Paul says, “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me.” Pray that your worship pastor will find their true identity in Christ, not in the giftedness of their instrument, or their voice, or even how enthusiastically they lead.

Our Father, I pray today that _________________ will see their true identity in Christ. I ask that you remind them of the words of Paul as well as the words in Hebrews. May your Spirit teach them and continually remind them that they are not who they are without you. I ask that you allow them to see themselves as worthy because of Your great love that was demonstrated for all of us at Calvary. Amen.


One of the most difficult things for a worship leader is to not take credit for great music, or the response of God’s people on a weekend; thinking that it was because of something they planned or did. The fact of the matter is this: praise has always been about God and it will always be about God–AND, with or without us God will get HIS GLORY! Pray this week that any pride in a worship pastor’s life will be turned into praise, because God is worthy of our praise. May we all join together with the men of The Reformation and declare Soli Peo Gloria, To God Alone Be The Glory.praise

Gracious Father, I pray today that ____________________will be convicted of any pride in their life and that they will turn to You for forgiveness.  Allow them to experience the joy of forgiveness and turn their sorrow into praise because You are worthy of all praise.  Teach them to give You and You alone glory for everything in their life. Amen.

What prayers would you add to this list? How are you praying for your worship pastor today?

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