The desire of this blog is to be an encouragement to all believers, and especially to those involved in worship ministry (either vocationally or volunteering).  The site is broken into 4 main categories: ENCOURAGE, ENERGIZE, ENVIRONMENT, and EXCITEMENT. Stay as long as you want to, share as much as you need to, and above it all-let’s grow together as we worship a risen Savior, Jesus Christ.


The church should not be an assembly of the self-righteous but an assembly of people who admit that they are not righteous apart from God’s grace. -Mark Dever

As a body of believers in Jesus Christ, we are instructed to continually be encouraging one another (1 Thessalonians 5:11).  It is our desire that you will be encouraged by the things you read and share in this section. May it always be a place where we are uplifting one another and challenging each other to become more like Christ.


Creativity is contagious, pass it on. -Albert Einstein

Sometimes in planning, preparing and leading worship, we hit what some people would call “road blocks.” In fact, it even happens in everyday life.  This area is created to allow us to energize with new and fresh approaches and ideas for worship-individually and collectively. Sometimes it takes a creative to inspired another creativity in all of us.


If you don’t worship… you’ll never experience God.  -David Jeremiah

When we talk of creating “environments” of worship, we are expecting that God is in the business of meeting with His people on a regular basis.  It is our desire to provide you with ideas (small and BIG) to accomplish this for the Glory of God Alone! When the atmosphere is set for members of your congregation to meet with God and worship Him free of distractions, amazing things will take place.


Passionate worship always leads to personal witness. Always. And what that means is. . .if we’re not witnessing, there’s a problem with our worship. We’re not seeing God for who He is! We’re not realizing what He’s done. . .for our souls! -David Platt

It is exciting that our God is always reveling Himself to us through His word, through pastors and teachers and through new and old worship music. This area is a place where you can hangout, read about some of the latest releases of worship music, be turned on to podcasts, and to find refreshment and rest in the Lord. We desire for you to find all of these “new” and creative ideas as exciting as we do.

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