Open Letter To The Revitalizing Church

Dear Revitalizing Church, I am writing today both to encourage and edify you in the work that you have established in your local communities. To paraphrase the great greetings of the Paul in the New Testament, I send you grace and peace. The grace I send is that unmerited favor of God upon the local... Continue Reading →

What Is A “Good” Worship Song?

**Warning: Lengthy Read, but well worth it.** “Next to the Word of God, music deserves the highest praise. The gift of language combined with the gift of song was given to man that he should proclaim the Word of God through music." -Martin Luther In recent years...well...actually, for the better part of a century many... Continue Reading →


This is not thought of as a “Christian” quote, but when reading this in Washington D.C. recently, there was pause to think-what if believers lived this way and passed this ideology along in light of sharing the #Gospel? #WorshipRevitalize

5 Struggles of a Worship Leader

After more than 20 years in the music "business," and having half of those years spent in Christian vocational ministry, I have been able to talk to numerous worship leaders/pastors/directors and there seems to be a consistency in areas where we all struggle.  Now this is no where near an all-inclusive list, but it is... Continue Reading →

A Resource book for PRAYER

PRAYER (How Praying Together Shapes The Church) by John Onwuchekwa It seems that over the past 3-4 decades or so, prayer has been lost in the life of the church. There are several contributing factors: focus is directed on being seeker-sensitive, focus is all about the music, focus has been on programs, or focus has... Continue Reading →

Worship: Christmas Style (Family Style)

The Christmas season is upon us (and has been since Target and Walmart began setting up displays in October) and we know most of our family traditions...setting up a tree the day after Thanksgiving, marking our calendar for the local community parade, attending Aunt Margaret's Christmas "dinner"--and for my family, visiting the Zoo Lights in... Continue Reading →

Encouragement For Today-Joy

Too many times in life we lose our joy because we are trying to do things by ourselves. God never intended for us to live this life alone. He desires us to lean into Him daily like an infant is dependent on its parent for everything. If we grasp this little idea, it will be... Continue Reading →

Tiger Woods: Redemption

This week marked a remarkable feat in the career of Tiger Woods.  A 5 year stint of not winning was replaced by a win at the The Tour Championship held at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, GA (his 80th career win).  What was just as remarkable is that he was one stroke away from... Continue Reading →

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