Info Needed to Guest Post

GuestThank you for your interest in writing for! Before submitting any thing for publication, please make sure you are familiar with our content by reading through other pages of the site.

We will only accept previously unpublished submissions in the following areas:

Encourage  Devotional articles to encourage Christians in the worship of their Savior.

Energize How To Articles, D.I.Y. Articles, and articles that are giving us instruction in areas of worship: family worship, individual worship, corporate worship, anything related to giving us instruction

Environment All things tech related to worship ministry (this particularly applies to corporate worship times: sound engineering, lights, stage design, lyric projection, online streaming, et cetera)

Excitement  A place to share something “new and exciting” in the world of Christian Worship: new music, new albums, tour dates, new songs, new videos, new worship technology…you get the idea–anything NEW!

30 for 30 Challenge  Sharing about your journey or new ways to incorporate living a less materialistic life.

General Information:

• On the date of publication, each guest post will be the featured article on the home page and stuck at the top-level for 3-4 days depending on content.

• Guest posts receive a link to the appropriate category [encourage, energize, environment,excitement, 30for30 Challenge] on WorshipRevitalize as was originally submitted.

• WorshipRevitalize will reserve the right to edit, format, and otherwise modify accepted posts, images, etc., to fit the site’s format, style, and content. Authors may not be notified of these edits in advance of publication.

• WorshipRevitalize will not pay authors to guest post (we ain’t got no money).

• Guest authors for WorshipRevitalize will keep all rights to their work/s, but WorshipRevitalize will politely ask to be the only place of publication for the first 60 days.

Writer’s Guidelines:


• Submit a document or pdf, using standard writing font at 12-point for all of your text.

• Keep the word count between 300-1000 words (below 600 would be preferable).

• Use block formatting: No paragraph indentations; leave a blank line between paragraphs.


• Include a short bio (100 words or less) as a separate paragraph at the end of the post.

• If applicable, include links to your social media accounts, website/blog, or books you have published.

♦ Images:

• Add a JPEG photo of yourself by attaching as a separate file.

• Submitted photos should be personal files without copyright. If photographer name is needed for publication, submit that information with your bio by stating “Photo by xxxxxx.”

• You do not have to have a photo to be published, but one is preferred.

• Featured images in your article will be provided by Worship Revitalize.

Publication Process:

• Once your post has been accepted, you will receive a publication date.

• When your post goes live, you will have access to the link to share on social media.

• Be sure to check on your post for several days after publication so you can respond to any and all comments.


Thank you!

Your interest in writing for WorshipRevitalize is appreciated and we look forward to hearing from you soon.



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