Day 15: 30 for 30 Challenge

WHO'S GOING TO ROCK THE 30for30 CHALLENGE NEXT? That is RIGHT.  I said I would only post every few days about the 30for30 challenge, but how could I resist??!!  This is day 15 "y'all" (because i grew up in North Carolina, I say that with the utmost respect--and enthusiasm, and I may have just invented... Continue Reading →


Days 6-14: 30 for 30 Challenge

So I know...I know...I said I would try to post once a week about the journey. Last time I posted it was days 1-5 and here it is way past and into now the third week...but technically 5+7=12, and I am going to include day 12 in this post so...can I get a pass? Probably not.... Continue Reading →

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