Worship: Christmas Style (Family Style)

The Christmas season is upon us (and has been since Target and Walmart began setting up displays in October) and we know most of our family traditions...setting up a tree the day after Thanksgiving, marking our calendar for the local community parade, attending Aunt Margaret's Christmas "dinner"--and for my family, visiting the Zoo Lights in... Continue Reading →

(How To) Have Family Worship

A few weeks ago I shared a post that I originally wrote for In the Quiver somewhere around Father’s Day that talked about Family Worship (click for original post).  And after I shared it, I began to get some very interesting and quite frankly, expected comments: -We’ve never done that [Family Worship] before. -Our kids... Continue Reading →

Highlands Worship: NEW EP (You’re Here)

Highlands Worship (Church of the Highlands) has been on a roll here in 2018, releasing their 3rd EP.  Following on the hills of Vol.1-Wonderful Things (March 9) and Vol.2-Jesus You Alone (June 8), they recently released their newest EP- You're Here. This EP is a change of pace for Highlands Worship, and provides new twists and... Continue Reading →

Lighting (the Worship Place)

LIGHTING  is quickly becoming [or HAS ALREADY BECOME] part of the "wars" of the church. (It is unfortunate, but it is apparently true for many churches.) To me, I would rather be writing about stopping all the "wars" of the church, but it would probably become a 300 page dissertation, because we are all sinners,... Continue Reading →


So I met a great guy a while back online through one of those Facebook group forums; his name is Nic Payne and he’s a worship leader at Grace Church in Roseville, MN.  He’s a super chill guy, but definitely passionate about leading worship, teaching others about worship, and using music ministry to make disciples... Continue Reading →

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